Thank you for Waynestock!

Hey ho~ What an amazing, fabulous, incredible, over the top turnout for Waynestock!!!

Thank you to every single one of you who helped make this event come together. All the volunteers, those who donated prizes, those who cooked, served, sold tickets. Thank you to every musician and singer and sound person. Thank you to security and to Greg manning the bar. (he said we have THE COOLEST FRIENDS 🙂 <3 (yes. Yes we do!!)

Thank you to all who bought tickets, brought presents (a big thank you to whoever handed me the Omeca Altos tequila bottle when I stepped thru the door. That and a glass of ice and lemon slices was my buddy throughout the day.) Thank you for all being so kind to us and supportive as we go thru this next adventure of Wayne’s crossing.

Until then….he’s still WORKING. (I know. Fecking unbelieveable, but true.)

We do not have a tally yet but we are blown away with this whole thing. You are all STARS in our eyes. <3

Love you big.

Merlyn & Harry

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