Merlyn’s 2nd book set to be released this month!

Hey Ho Mischievites!

It’s been a busy late winter and early spring. Unfortunately, not much work got done on a new CD as Harry has been kept hopping with Middle School Play season, and our dog, Monty Joe the Wonder Schnoodle has been quite ill. We are all doing our very best and hanging in there.

But there is GOOD NEWS!

Merlyn has finished her 2nd book and will be releasing it for sale at the Merry Mischief April 24th gig at Auburn Public Theater!

The new book is called “The Merlinian Legend” which joins many tales of Merlin the Magician with new stories of Spirituality and of course MAGICK! You will love it! It has illustrations from amazing Artist Dharma LeFevre and there is also Genealogy, maps, glossary, pronunciation terms….all the things that make it fun!
“This book pairs well with a goblet of wine, a crackling fire and a trencher of cheese!”


Check out our upcoming gigs and get your copy soon! <3

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