Merlyn’s 2nd book has been released!

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And Hey Ho!

Do you love stories of Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table? Merlyn Fuller has just published her 2nd book and this one is all about Merlin the Magician and his life!

If you love Merlin the way I do, then you know that the ending of his legend left much to be desired….

So, being the proactive sort of person I am, I decided to write the book I wanted to read!
This book will take you back to the old ages, with damsels in distress, knights in shining armor and MAGICK!

This new book “The Merlinian Legend” is available at Merry Mischief gigs, and also on our website here on our store page!

Also available here are Merry Mischief CDs and Merlyn’s first book “Fairy Tales & Horror Stories: A Memoir.”

Great for gifts or as a gift for yourself! <3

Read on, my darlings, Read on!!

2 Responses to Merlyn’s 2nd book has been released!

  1. Bill Schrader says:

    Huzzah Merlyn,
    I just wanted to send you a note about your 2 books. I met you and purchased your books at the Celtic festival in farmington a couple of months ago. The books are awesome! I enjoyed them very much and have lent them out to a couple of friends. I especially enjoyed Fairy Tales & Horror Stories. You have certainly had an interesting life life.

    My wife and I live in Newark, NY and visit the Sterling Ren Festival annually. I see that you and your husband will be there too this year. We will keep an eye out for you there and say hello when we run into you guys.

    Thanks again for the great books!! Keep writing.
    Bill Schrader

    • Hi Bill! Awesome to hear! Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me! I appreciate hearing the feedback! You ROCK! And yes, I have the writing bug now. I’m onto the next book already! <3 Please do come by a Merry Mischief music set and have a listen and then we'll chat! Hugs! Merlyn

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