If Music be the food of love….PLAY ON… <3

Hey Ho Mischievites!
It was a fabulous summer of music, nature, friends and FUN.
It was also Merry Mischief’s first season without Harry….

While we all missed him (and some fans swore they SAW him with us as a lovely member of a heavenly band 🙂 )

we did well.
Tom Meier (Tom O’ Bedlam) and Kristen Baskewicz (“Kissy on the Mouth”) were just great and we found that we love playing together and have some amazing harmonies.

Merry Mischief goes forward with love, harmony and hope….and still with a lot of Mischief, Wit and Whimsy!

See you at one of the many gigs we have coming up!
Love and Hugs~
Merlyn Mischief

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