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Happy New Year 2017!

We look forward to a wonderful new year, with joy, hope and prosperity and health for all the inhabitants of this earth!


Merry Mischief has released our 12th CD! WOOOT!!

It’s called “Hodgepodge” and it’s a beauty featuring many of our talented musician friends as Special Guests! Michael Edwards and John Harnois (fiddles), Tom Meier (Banjola, Mandolin, Banjo), Sean Polen (Harp), Elizabeth Rose (flute) and Extra Special Guest Donna Dennihy singing harmonies with Merlyn on Donna’s Awesome Song, “Word of Dog” (dedicated to the best doggy in the world, Monty Joe “Old Iron Guts” Fuller who passed away this last April). Our dear Monty Joe crossed over the rainbow bridge, (1/31/04-4/7/16) and afterwards he was caring enough to send us a doggy who was in need, for us to love and who loves us. Her name is Roxie Doodles. πŸ™‚ She’s awesome. Thanks Joe! You rock. <3

Here is the 2017 Jordan Open Mic Themes:

January 11– Highway Songs
February 8- Murder & Mayhem
March 8– Irish Invasion
April 12– Seafaring Songs
May 10– British Invasion
June 14– Fast Cars
July 12- Parodies
August 9– Gods, Kings & Tyrants
September 13– Who played that Song?
October 11- Goose Bumps
November 8- Songs of Gratitude
December 13– Songs of the Season
Jordan Bramley Library (15 Mechanic St. Jordan, NY)
7-9pm. Free! Fun!
Sound & Lights by Harrison Audio & Stage
Hope to see YOU! <3

Fall is here and we are working on our next CD!

Yes, autumn leaves are falling, the colors are beautiful and all over our lawn! November, already? Wow. That was fast. Halloween was a lot of fun with our gigs, programs and card readings!Β  Soon, it will be Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas music and Santa visits!

Our new CD is coming along, with special guest musician tracks from some of the very talented people we love to play with! We hope to have it done by the New Year. Keep your fingers crossed!

Until then, join us for some of these great events, and if you haven’t read any of Merlyn’s books yet, you can purchase a copy here as well as our previous CDs! They make great presents! Just click on the “Store” page up above and check out all the mischievous products! πŸ™‚

Enjoy your wondrous fall time!

Love and Hugs~

Merlyn & Harry

(and our new mascot filling in for Mr. Monty Joe, is the doggie he recommended to us to help fill his buckles…

Miss Pupperness herself: Roxie Doodle the Squeaky Poodle. πŸ™‚

Merlyn’s 2nd book has been released!

HUZZAH! Thanks for stopping by our Merry Mischief music and events website! I update all the time as gigs come in. So feel free to look around!

And Hey Ho!

Do you love stories of Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table? Merlyn Fuller has just published her 2nd book and this one is all about Merlin the Magician and his life!

If you love Merlin the way I do, then you know that the ending of his legend left much to be desired….

So, being the proactive sort of person I am, I decided to write the book I wanted to read!
This book will take you back to the old ages, with damsels in distress, knights in shining armor and MAGICK!

This new book “The Merlinian Legend” is available at Merry Mischief gigs, and also on our website here on our store page!

Also available here are Merry Mischief CDs and Merlyn’s first book “Fairy Tales & Horror Stories: A Memoir.”

Great for gifts or as a gift for yourself! <3

Read on, my darlings, Read on!!

Merlyn’s 2nd book set to be released this month!

Hey Ho Mischievites!

It’s been a busy late winter and early spring. Unfortunately, not much work got done on a new CD as Harry has been kept hopping with Middle School Play season, and our dog, Monty Joe the Wonder Schnoodle has been quite ill. We are all doing our very best and hanging in there.

But there is GOOD NEWS!

Merlyn has finished her 2nd book and will be releasing it for sale at the Merry Mischief April 24th gig at Auburn Public Theater!

The new book is called “The Merlinian Legend” which joins many tales of Merlin the Magician with new stories of Spirituality and of course MAGICK! You will love it! It has illustrations from amazing Artist Dharma LeFevre and there is also Genealogy, maps, glossary, pronunciation terms….all the things that make it fun!
“This book pairs well with a goblet of wine, a crackling fire and a trencher of cheese!”


Check out our upcoming gigs and get your copy soon! <3

Back from our southern shows!

Hey Ho!

We are back from the wondrous south and have many tales to tell! Merlyn will be blogging soon about it!

This month of Love (February), we will be busy in the recording studio working on our 12th CD, as well as working on tech with some other shows!

We have some fun gigs coming up starting in March and many in better weather of the springtime and summer!

Listen to some of our tunes up and check out our cds available on our other website:

SURF to:

Happy Groundhog Day!

Gigs posted as finalized…so keep checking back! Thanks for being the awesome Mischievite that YOU ARE!

Love and Hugs~

Merlyn & Harry

Happy New Year 2016!

We welcome you to 2016! A year with new possibilities! New events! New Mischief and Merriment!

Travel along with us, either physically or vicariously and we hope to see and sing and play and chat with you this new wondrous New Year!

Off to Florida soon for some very welcome SUNSHINE as we see our friends in Fort Myers and all along the way up and down the eastern seaboard!


BOO! It’s Autumn already?!

Hey Ho Mischievites!
Well, that was a fast summer, now, wasn’t it?

NEWS: Merlyn has been writing away in between all the gigs that she and Harry do and will be done with her 2nd book soon! Look for it in the new year!

Lots to see and do at the events we have coming up this holiday season! Spooky tunes for Halloween, and Christmas and holiday songs as we get closer to seeing Santa and his Mrs return from the North Pole!

Enjoy the fall leaves and have a mug of warm cider! That’ll cure just about anything!

In the Summer time, you got music, you got music on your mind….

Hey ho lovies!

We hope you are enjoying this fine summertime and living easy! We have lots of shows coming up!

Also will be adding new pics, and hopefully videos to this site, as well soon!

Hope to see you at faire, or in the park or at the open mics or Celtic Fests sooon!

Welcome to our Mischievous Website Home!

Thanks for dropping by! We welcome you toΒ peruse our event listings and plan on having some fun with us this new year! l

Leave a comment below, and feel free to contact us! Or just kick back and look around.


Jordan Open Mic Themes for the year have been created by the regulars who frequent it! Look for it on the 2nd Wednesday of every month!

January: “Your Parents Music” Hosted by Mary Carrington

February: “Hurray for Hollywood!” (in honor of the Oscars) Hosted by Babette Puzey

March: “Animal Kingdom” Hosted by Dennis Goltermann

April: “Stormy Weather, Muddy Waters” Hosted by Dennis R.

May: “Music to Folk By” (ok, so Merlyn was inspired by alcohol on that one Hosted by Nicholas Colletta

June: “Hippies to Hair Bands” Hosted by Chadillac Brougham

July: “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” Hosted by Jerry R

August: “Old Time Country” Hosted by Merlyn

September: “Magical Creatures & Mystical Melodies” Hosted by Timothy Sutton

October: “Dead Musicians” Hosted by Todd Brown

November: “British Invasion” Hosted by Alexandra Keri Divine

December: “Solstice with the Mostest” Host TBD

We may also offer 2 BONUS Wednesdays this year for a Poetry Slam and also a Music Song Circle! Stay tuned for those ideas to come to fruition!


Welcome, Mischievites!

Welcome to our new home on the web! We are very excited to bring mischief and merriment online to you. In the next few weeks we’ll be adding new features to the site – beauteous photos of our events, a merch store and more so check back often! Thank you for visiting us and we hope to see you at one of our next performances!