Who We Are

Merry Mischief believes in the magic of music, fun friendships and in bringing old music forward! You will have fun at our shows! Traditional music tempered with old jokes and some mischievous players! You may hear some tunes you haven’t heard in a while or maybe even some oldies that are new to you!


Merlyn is an earthy natural alto with a deep resonant voice and plays 12 string guitar, bodhran, mandolin and autoharp. Her repertoire runs the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous with a lot of toe-tapping and melody blending together. Merlyn is also a 5-time published author and will delight you with her stories and books!

Merry Mischief an ensemble cast of talented musicians who are her minstrels of mischief, and each show is unique and adds
personality, harmony, fun a lot of entertainment to your next event and venue!

Together we will bring you back to a simpler time, relax you, make you tap your feet and we’ll make you giggle!

We perform a wide range of music that can be geared to many kinds of events:

School Assemblies- We feature musical and bardic shows on curriculum topics for 5th-7th grades in Ren Revelry (World History) Tunes along
the Towpath (Erie Canal), Songs of the Civil War.

Renaissance and Medieval faires,
Irish/Scottish/Celtic events and festivals
Pirate festivals
Christmas and holiday gatherings with Santa and Mrs. Claus and more!

You never know what will happen at a Merry Mischief show but it’s always a delight! Merry Mischief has been a long running musical act for the last 20 years. Originally formed as a duo with Merlyn and her mate, Harry, they entertained audiences young and old alike.

How’ere, our dear Harry has recently passed away but he wanted Merlyn and crew to all carry on, and keep being mischievous in his absence. We will miss him very much, but the merriment and mischief continues on!

Contact us for something a little different, something to bring a little mischief and merriment to your next event!

Jonathan Anderson

Jon is an engaging local historian and storyteller of Erie Canal facts. He also may stretch the blanket a bit with a few other tales. Jon specializes in the history of the police department of Onondaga County in the early days of the canal.

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards is a Rochester-based multi-instrumentalist, who has had the great pleasure to perform with Merry Mischief from time to time since he first heard them play at the Sterling Renaissance Festival in 2010. When not performing, he enjoys teaching out of his home-based private studio in Rochester, NY. His faire name is “Greenwood the Minstrel.”

Kristen Baskewicz

Kristen Baskewicz is a classically trained soprano and a music teacher in Rochester, NY. She also plays the ukulele, bodhran, and mandolin, and can really get down on the recorder, though she usually doesn’t unless absolutely necessary. Come find out to see if she does…or if she doesn’t.

Dan Cleveland

Dan is long time fan of Merry Mischief who has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them often over the past 20 years. Together they have traveled to King Arthurs Court, the Shire, the Erie Canal and several Irish Pubs along the way. He is a life long singer-songwriter, folk musician and later-in-life poet. He performs throughout Central New York as a solo artist and percussionist. He is one half of the duo HomeSlice with musical partner Ron VanNostrand and a member of Ron’s folk ensemble the Flock Of Free Range Children. You also might catch him as part of the jug rock band Nuclear Ukulele.

Tom Meier

Tom was born on a small farm near the town of Floren. Growing up his biggest joys were riding horses and tormenting the farm girl… No
wait…that’s not right…

Tom was born with a love for the liquor, and is well-known as a womanizer and all-around philanderer. With a mandolin in one hand and
a trombone in the other, he killed him a bar [sic] when he was only three…with a banjo on his knee. Wait…that’s not right either…

Meet Tom Meier, known at Faire as “Tom O-Bedlam,” or sometimes “Mad Tom,” or “Slightly Agitated Thomas.” Owner of a diverse collection of more than 30 instruments, he can play three reasonably well and only ever manages to drool into harmonicas. Living proof that you can’t always see crazy. Feel free to say “hello!” Just please…. don’t ever
mention that one thing…

Tom Meier has a deep respect and passion for the “old songs,” those traditional and folk tunes that tell stories and get at the heart of
the human condition in a way that is fascinatingly still relevant today. He grew up listening to The Kingston Trio and Pete Seeger,
which naturally led him toward playing guitar and banjo. He picked up a mandolin out of curiosity, starting him down the road toward
collecting more instruments than he knows how to play. When not playing music he can be found in a trout stream or out looking for
birds and ferns.