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Hey Ho Mischievites!

After a tough winter,¬† and a lot of grief, and sorting out a bunch of extraneous possessions that I now own, I am feeling more like myself. Yes, I miss Harry. Terribly. How’ere, life goes on and there is much to enjoy and to live life to the fullest! (Or Fuller-est, as I’m sure he would’ve said!) ūüôā

I am feeling better and better and look forward to much music and MISCHIEF in the near future!

Yes, I’m still playing music.¬† And writing and reading cards and will be working on some new projects in the future!!

Stay tuned for all the things and hope to see you there!

Love and Hugs,

Celebration of Wayne Fuller (aka “Harry”)

My dearest Mischievites~

It is with sadness and with love that I tell you that our dear beloved Harry has crossed over to the Other side.

The cancer was too much and he died in my arms on Saturday, March 23rd at 3:23 pm. He was loved and went peacefully. He leaves a huge hole in my heart and in this world.

A memorial service of love and celebration will be this coming Saturday, March 30th at 2pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Syracuse, 109 Waring Rd.

There is an after party, please feel free to bring a snack to share as well as your stories to tell and let us hold each other in love and happiness that he is no longer suffering.
Yours, Musically, Always,


Thank you for Waynestock!

Hey ho~ What an amazing, fabulous, incredible, over the top turnout for Waynestock!!!

Thank you to every single one of you who helped make this event come together. All the volunteers, those who donated prizes, those who cooked, served, sold tickets. Thank you to every musician and singer and sound person. Thank you to security and to Greg manning the bar. (he said we have THE COOLEST FRIENDS ūüôā <3 (yes. Yes we do!!)

Thank you to all who bought tickets, brought presents (a big thank you to whoever handed me the Omeca Altos tequila bottle when I stepped thru the door. That and a glass of ice and lemon slices was my buddy throughout the day.) Thank you for all being so kind to us and supportive as we go thru this next adventure of Wayne’s crossing.

Until then….he’s still WORKING. (I know. Fecking unbelieveable, but true.)

We do not have a tally yet but we are blown away with this whole thing. You are all STARS in our eyes. <3

Love you big.

Merlyn & Harry

Waynestock 2019!

Hey Ho to our awesome Mischievites!
Well, it’s been a hard winter for our dear Harry boy…. but he’s still kicking cancer’s ass… and occasionally it kicks his.¬† To give you an update, he is currently undergoing an experimental chemo.¬† We support him in his fight to be free of it and in better health and spirits.

And in that support, there is going to be a KICK ARSE PARTY called “Waynestock 2019” held in his honor!
Save the date of Saturday March 9th from 2-7pm and come to the Ukranian National Club in Auburn, NY that day to say “Party on, Wayne!”


$20. before March 3rd.

$25 at the door.

Kids 12-3yrs= $10

Kids 3 & under- free admission
Price of admission includes a Pasta dinner, chances at door prizes, Wayne’s stellar company and music throughout the day by many, many local fabulous musicians! Come see your friends! Bid on some silent auctions of some really kewl things, and come see Wayne/Harry and show him some love! There is a cash bar….because well….we know how you love to party too!

See you there and keep the faith!

Find the event page “Waynestock 2019!” on FB for more information!

Welcome 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

We are full of hope and looking forward to a great new year.
FYI~ Harry is still battling cancer, but what a warrior he is.  We soldier on, and music is our balm and salve. We look forward to seeing you at one of our many events scheduled for the new year. Check out our monthly schedule, updates happen periodically.
Also, check often for our new store page and music sampler to come!

Merlyn, Harry and Roxie Doodles the Pupperness/Bichon-Poo ūüôā

Jordan Open Mic THEMES for 2019

January =”Weather or Not”

February= “Torch Songs”

March= “Broccoli, Cabbage & Gas”

April= “Parody Songs”

May=”Lullabies & Butterflies”

June=”Lunar Songs”

July= “John Denver Night”

August=”70s & 80s Night”

September=”Broadway Melodies”


November=”Cold Wind Blowing”

December=”Church Bazaar”

At the Jordan Bramley Library, 15 Mechanic St. Jordan NY


Free fun and guaranteed to be better than a sharp stick in the eye. ūüôā




Happy Holidays from Merry Mischief!

We have a busy holiday season planned with many musical and Santa & Mrs. Claus events!

Find them here and bring your little ones for some merriment this season!

With love and hugs~

Merlyn & Harry

(and Roxie Doodles the Puppy Snuggler ūüôā

Welcome to the Holiday Season!

Hey Ho Mischievites!

Oh my gosh, it’s almost Thanksgiving time!

Just an update, Harry is still working and also doing treatments for his health and trying to kick cancer’s arse.

He is looking forward to Santa and Merry Mischief gigs.
Please see our schedule for fun holiday events near you and find us for a kiss and a squidge ūüôā (that’s a hug, if you never saw “Hook” )

Happy Holidays from Merry Mischief

(and Roxie Doodles~ aka- Little Miss Pupperness!)

Happy Summer!

Hey Ho Mischievites!

Harry & Merlyn are very much looking forward to playing and singing and being with you all the live long summer!

If you are Upright & Breathing, then it’s a GOOD DAY!

Many events coming in, and I am adding updates as soon as I have all the details, so keep posted!

Love & Hugs~
Merlyn & Harry


Happy Spring!

Hey Ho Mischievites!

We are SO thankful for better weather and for Harry’s slow and steady recovery.. He is back playing music and starting to do some of his work (he did run tech for 2 of his annual school plays in March) it is still slow going for him.¬† But he’s a trooper and wants to work and get back to normalcy.¬† Whatever that is ūüôā

We hope to see you at our upcoming gigs!

Love and Hugs~

Merlyn, Harry and Roxie Doodles (aka “Little Miss Pupperness” ) ūüôā


Time to Celebrate!

Hey Ho to our Dear Mischievites!

Just an update on Wayne/Harry and to let you know that he is now done with radiation and chemo (as of the end of January) and is now “recovering from the cure” as it were.
He had lost his voice and was writing on a dry erase board for most of February, but his speaking voice is coming back slow but sure. He is still not able to swallow and is on a feeding tube for all of his meals, but he is doing great, recovering and gaining strength.
He is back playing music with Merry Mischief and will be at the Irish Fest with Merlyn and Special Guest musicians, Dan Cleveland and Michael Edwards!

Life is good.  Healing is happening.